How to reset my Password for ProtonMail

Protonmail Customer Care

ProtonMail is the safest and most secure email service that is present in Switzerland. Here, they have very strict end-to-end encryption, in which only the sender and receiver are able to read the emails. ProtonMail has super preferences, which means the ProtonMail user doesn’t want to give their personal information to sign up the account.

To create a ProtonMail password 

  • First, to create a new ProtonMail password, go to the home or login page.
  • Now, you are on the homepage, where you will be able to look Sign Up or Create Account. 
  • Touch on it, it will ask for your full name and surname for protection purposes, and the customer has to enter the username as they wish for your ProtonMail email ID. Most of the people prefer to give their nickname for their username.
  • To secure the account, users have to create a strong password. ProtonMail always informs you by using a mix of uppercase and lowercase, numbers, and special symbols to protect a password from the hacker or other unknown.
  • After creating the password, it will ask you to save the password for future use which means no need to remember. 
  • Complete any other additional steps if needed, such as verifying your mobile number by sending an OTP to your mobile.

Reset ProtonMail Password:

  • Due to memory loss, multiple accounts for the same user may lead to forgetting their password, or else your account may be hacked. Don’t worry! here, we can reset it easily by using the step by step given below.
  • Just enter the official web page, and the user will get the ProtonMail login page.
  • Under the credential details, there is a blue-coloured hyperlink that shows Forgot password or Reset password option. Click that and open.
  • Then customers have to enter your ProtonMail username or email ID, for which you have to change the password.
  • Follow the steps provided to reset your passwords, one by one. Enter your recovery email or phone number to get verification details.
  • After that, ProtonMail users will get the OTP through email or mobile phone.
  • Then you have to enter that verification to set your new password with uppercase, lowercase, a number, and special characters to strengthen the password.
  • Once you have reset your password, start to log in to your ProtonMail account using your new password.
  • Always remember to keep your password secure, and consider using two-factor verification for extra safety.

These are the above steps ProtonMail customers follow to get a new password for the ProtonMail account. 

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